Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMiCS) Conference Series

Since 1994, the RAMiCS conference series has been the main venue for research on relation algebras, Kleene algebras and similar algebraic formalisms, and their applications as conceptual and methodological tools in computer science and beyond.

Theoretical aspects include semigroups, residuated lattices, semirings, Kleene algebras, relation algebras, quantales and other algebras; their connections with program logics and other logics; their use in the theories of automata, concurrency, formal languages, games, networks and programming languages; the development of algebraic, algorithmic, category-theoretic, coalgebraic and proof-theoretic methods for these theories; their formalisation with theorem provers.

Applications include tools and techniques for program correctness, specification and verification; quantitative and qualitative models and semantics of computing systems and processes; algorithm design, automated reasoning, network protocol analysis, social choice, optimisation and control.

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History of RAMiCS

RAMiCS is held roughly every 18 months. It was born out of the RelMiCS workshops/conferences (Relational Methods in Computer Science) and of the AKA workshops/conferences (Applications of Kleene algebra).

See also the old RelMiCS web site.